Denver Attractions

Denver Zoo

Since 1896, the Denver Zoo has preserved and protected the earth’s most fascinating flora and fauna, right here in the heart of the Rockies. More than 3,500 animals representing nearly 700 various species from around the globe populate the Denver Zoo, the 4th most popular zoo in America. Whether it’s watching polar bears through the glass as they swim underwater to walking through a village where 29 species of tropical monkeys live together, unforgettable encounters with nature are guaranteed on every visit.

Colorado Convention Center

When its $268-million expansion opened in Fall 2004, the Colorado Convention Center became the 15th largest convention facility in the United States, and perhaps the most modern in the world. Imagine 584,000 square feet of contiguous single-level exhibit space, 100,000 square feet of single-level meeting space, and ballrooms of 35,000 and 50,000 square feet — just to name a few of the features this 21st-century complex is offering. Even the largest of companies are now can gather and meet conveniently here in Denver.

U.S. Mint

Next time you count your change, see how many of your U.S. coins have a tiny letter “D” engraved somewhere on their faces. (Behind Washington’s ponytail on the quarter, for example.) The “D” indicates the coin was produced in Denver, home to America’s largest manufacturer of small change. The Denver Mint produces over half of all U.S. coins and additionally serves as the second-largest government gold depository, after Fort Knox. Daily 20-minute tours offer a view of history that’s both fascinating and, ironically, free. Across the street, the U.S. Mint Gift Shop is a Denver attraction itself. Collectors gather there to purchase rare coins, but you’ll also find all kinds of other irresistible Souvenirs there, from T-shirts to toys and more. If you like money, you owe it to yourself to pay for a visit to the Denver Mint!

Colorado State Capitol

Denver Attractions - Colorado State Capitol

Colorado State Capitol is the epicenter of state politics as well as Denver’s architectural jewel. The beautiful dome is covered with 24K gold, but to see what makes the building actually priceless, go in and check out the rotunda’s magnificent views of Rocky Mountain majesty. No trip to Denver would be complete without a photo on the Capitol’s 15th step, which marks the point where the Mile-High City rises exactly one mile above sea level. Free tours offered daily.

Denver Art Museum

The most extensive collection of Native American artwork in the world resides at the Denver Art Museum. Since 1893, the museum has preserved and exhibited the cultural treasures of all indigenous tribes in a context of dignity and respect. Expanded now to include galleries devoted to Asian, African, Oceanic, Pre-Columbian and other cultures, the Denver Art Museum is the largest art museum between Kansas City and the West Coast – and growing larger every year!

16th Street Mall

The 16th Street Mall is an enormous pedestrian promenade that serves as the center of Denver’s downtown. Department stores, cafes, shops and displays of all kinds attract thousands to the mall every day. It’s almost like a vibrant miniature city in its own right, down to having its buses running from one end to the other! Even if you hate shopping, the scenery and atmosphere make the 16th Street Mall an ideal place to sit and watch people being people. A hugely popular attraction for tourists and residents alike!

Other Denver Attractions

Downtown Denver offers a number of fun entertainment and attractions for the entire family located only 13 miles from Denver Tech Center! Other local attractions include: The Pepsi Center, Investco Field, Colorado Convention Center, Six Flags Elitches, Denver Botanical Gardens, Union Station, Fillmore Auditorium, Blue Bird Theater, Denver Performing Arts Center, Paramount Theater and much more.